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Mariposa County Real Estate

Mariposa is a quaint small town that is rich in the Gold Rush history! The town was first established in 1849 and is one of the most southern Gold Rush chain of towns.  John C. Fremont was one of the founders, and to this day, the streets are laid out in the grid fashion he created.  Taking a stroll through downtown Mariposa is like stepping back in time.  With the raised sidewalks and Old West storefronts, it really is a treasure!! There are amazing gift shops, boutiques and numerous REALLY good restaurants, such as the historic Charles Street Steak House, Sweetwater Cafe, the upscale Savoury’s and 1850 where they brew their own beer!  

The town itself only inhabits less than 3000 people, however the majority of residents live in the outlying neighborhoods.  Those areas have their own personalities, and unique names to go with it!  Bootjack, Triangle, Woodland, Jerseydale and Lush Meadows just to name few!  

Your dedicated Twiss Realty Agent will guide you on your search and let you know the ends of out for each area!  The majority of the agents in our office grew up here and will be a great resource!